The Importance of Child Off-Screen Activities

The Importance of Child Off-Screen Activities

It is more important than ever that children do more productive activities off-screen. We know that a young child’s brain develops better through interaction with the 3-dimensional world and people, than they do on screens.

Too much screen time and less physical and imaginary play and social interaction was already problematic, causing children’s brains to wire up in a less positive way. The Covid crisis amplified the problem forcing children from school and onto screens even more, making Brain Launch a necessity for many. Parents are looking for productive and fun activities that are done off-screen which focus their attention and improve the quality of their lives.

Find activities that your child can gain knowledge from or use their imagination with. Activities that make them think and get physical exercise from. Some examples are board games, arts, crafts or building projects. Adding the Brain Launch Programs at a local tutoring organization will provide that focused interaction essential to maximize the program benefits for the child

BRAIN LAUNCH programs are some of the most productive off-screen activities that your child will engage in. With the guidance of a tutor, Brain Launch develops the ‘Information Processing Systems’ of the brain that children are not developing as well as in past decades. Area’s such as Attention (not the on-screen type), Listening, Reading, Comprehension, Learning, and Performance in everyday life. These all rely on proper brain development.

The instructor/coach gets the exercise instructions on the screen, but the coaching and exercises are done off-screen, in the real 3-dimensional world. Most kids enjoy the challenges, and succeeding, which builds their self-confidence and self-esteem. Not only will it improve your child’s learning ability but will make the quality of their learning and social activities more beneficial and productive.

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