The Foundational Processing Systems Rating Scale Screenings

There are 3 “Foundational Processing Systems” Rating Scale Screenings to choose from. Each is tailored to be used by a child in their specific age group. Please use the appropriate screening. 

Listed within each screening are common symptoms associated with known potential weaknesses in a child’s “Foundational Processing System”.  

A child need not have all or even most of the symptoms listed to have mild, moderate, or significant weaknesses in their Foundational Processing Systems.

Once you’ve completed the screening, we’ll email a copy of your answers which you can save or print. To answer some of the questions, you may want to make some observations. For a few of them, we recommend a short test. If your child is not present while you complete it, you can use the emailed copy and return to the screening at your convenience to update it and receive a new emailed result.


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note: If your child has a physical, vision, hearing or a moderate to severe mental disability, they may not be able to do all of the exercises.