More About Pre-Launch

Pre-LAUNCH Program

All Five to Seven year olds should start with the Pre-LAUNCH Program

When I ask if your child is developmentally ready to begin school the right way I am not talking about knowing their letters and numbers or being able to identify some words. I am talking about a child being able to:

  • Sit still and pay attention in a classroom setting when not on a flat screen.
  • Concentrate on the task at hand even when distractions are present.
  • Process basic information accurately and efficiently.
  • Follow basic rules and instructions.
  • Interact with other children and teachers in and appropriate manner.

Today a large percentage of children are starting school with foundational processing systems that are not developmentally ready to deal with a classroom setting and take on the academic tasks that they are required to do. This lack of developmental readiness and the educational system demanding more from students at an earlier age is a recipe for a disaster. This is not only causing poor academic achievement and unnecessary negative labels; it is also causing more emotional and psychological problems.

The BRAIN LAUNCH Processing Programs are based on proven developmental concepts and were created to help parents insure that their children are developmentally ready to achieve their maximum academic success.

“Developmental readiness is one of the easiest things to remedy”