More About Launch Program 2

LAUNCH Program 2

Most Nine to Eleven year olds should start with LAUNCH Program 2. Children who have completed LAUNCH Program 1 will be ready to begin LAUNCH Program 2.

Is your child struggling in school?

Today a large percentage of very capable children are struggling in fourth, fifth and sixth grade. There can be many different causes for this, but I believe the main cause is poor reading comprehension skills. Reading is the main way a student learns in fourth grade and up.

Note: The ability to recognize words in print is not reading. That is called word identification skills and is not a very complex skill. Reading is the ability to comprehend or understand what is being conveyed in print and is the most complex neurological task a child will undertake.

I believe the main reason for poor reading comprehension skills today is weak foundational information processing systems. It is almost impossible to have good reading comprehension skills if the foundational processing systems are weak. Weak foundational processing systems also affect a student’s ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, which is vital in the process of reading and learning. To understand why the Foundational Processing Systems are so important in reading comprehension, read our Blog, “The Most Important Skill a Child Acquires at School”.

You can get your child extra one-on-one assistance, tutoring and encourage extra reading practice, but none of these strategies will be very effective until the student’s foundational processing systems are strengthened.

The BRAIN LAUNCH Processing Programs are based on proven developmental concepts and were created to help parents insure that their children have strong foundational processing systems, so they can achieve their maximum academic success.

The BRAIN LAUNCH Processing Programs are not just for students who are struggling in school.