More About LAUNCH Program 1

LAUNCH Program 1

Most Seven and Eight year olds should start with LAUNCH Program 1.
Five and Six year olds who have completed the Pre-LAUNCH Program will also be ready to begin LAUNCH Program 1.

Today more and more very capable children are not performing up to their potential academically. There can be many different causes for this but I believe the main cause is that children are developing their brains in a different way than they did 20 or 30 years ago. I believe this is causing developmental delays in what I call the foundational processing systems. Dysfunction in any of these systems will make paying attention, concentrating on the task at hand and learning more difficult.


It is vital that your children get off to a good start in school. Studies show that most students who are behind at the end of third grade, especially in reading, get further and further behind as they continue through school.


The BRAIN LAUNCH Processing Programs are based on proven developmental concepts and were created to help parents insure that their children are developmentally ready to achieve their maximum academic success.


“Developmental readiness is one of the easiest things to remedy”