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Information Processing System of the Brain©
Copyright 2015 by Dr. Don Helms

Artistic Illustration representing the Information Processing System of the Brain, The Foundational Processing System.

Foundational Processing System.

There are over two hundred anatomically distinct processing systems within the brain. I selected the processing systems that I believe form the foundation for physical coordination and self-regulation, attention and concentration, listening and reading comprehension, learning and everyday life performance. These processing systems form what Dr. Helms calls the “Foundational Processing System”.

The “Foundational Processing System” enables an individual to:

  • Gather and filter sensory information from the environment accurately, efficiently and rapidly on a subconscious level.
  • Physically perform and navigate the environment with ease.
  • Add meaning to sensory information effectively and efficiently.
  • Store meaningful information so it can be recalled and used when needed.
  • Focus and concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Supply the thinking systems of the brain with information in a format that enables an individual to think more effectively and efficiently.

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