“Foundational Processing Systems” Rating Scale Screening for Ages 5 & 6

“Foundational Processing Systems” Rating Scale Screening for Ages 5 & 6

The purpose of the rating screening is not to diagnose, but to assess if your child may have developmental delays or weakness in their “Foundational Processing System”.

The bad news is that If a child has weaknesses and they are not strengthened it will be difficult for them to perform up to or near their true potential.

The good news is that if a child has weaknesses in their foundational processing system” they can be strengthened significantly with the right approach and methodology.

This screening consists of the three items below. First, two simple tests for your child. The answers will be recorded in the third item, your completion of the written rating scale screening. If it is more convenient to test your child later, estimate their results and then correct those two answers later (points: a = 5, b=4, c=3, d=2, e=1)


Stopwatch app on phone or you can silently count (1 count per second)

Start the timer when you say ‘begin’ instructing the child to start the balance test. Observe how long they can perform the exercise.

Instructions to Child:
“When I say begin, balance on one foot with your arms out to your side for as long as you can or until I say stop.

Balance Test Scoring:

 5 year old

  1. 10 or more seconds
  2.  8 – 9 seconds
  3.  6 – 7
  4.  4 – 5
  5.  3 or less seconds
 6 year old

  1. 10 or more seconds
  2.  8 – 9 seconds
  3.  6 – 7
  4.  4 – 5
  5.  3 or less seconds


Track a moving object (like a pen you are moving slowly in front of them) moving only their eyes smoothly and without moving their head.

  1. Eyes tracked perfectly smoothly without any head movement
  2. Either eyes didn’t track perfectly smoothly OR had slight head movement
  3. Eyes didn’t track perfectly smoothly AND had slight head movement
  4. Eyes tracked poorly OR had significant head movement
  5. Eyes tracked poorly AND had significant head movement


Now you are ready to complete the below rating scale screening. The first two questions require the results from the above tests. 

When done, an email will be sent to you. It will have a copy of your answers and your child’s overall score and their score for each section will also be indicated. Each score can be compared to the included chart to determine their approximate level of foundational processing system development for each section and as a whole.

Take time to consider if any system should require improvement. Also, if there are some ‘significantly poor’ responses you’ll want to note those. Then, when you re-screen you can determine how much improvement you see.

Lastly, Your Child’s Approximate Levels of Foundational Processing Systems Development,
based on your responses, will show below this text when you complete the screening.


We are grateful for your time, and hopeful about the future of your child. Brain Launch has been our labor-of-love, with purpose for this and future generations. Let us enjoy the Brain Launch journey together, as you create this new beginning with your child.