Expectations of Improvements for My Child

Expectations of Improvements for My Child

What improvements can your child expect from the Brain Launch programs? By strengthening your child’s Foundational Processing System, you can expect many of the following improvements in your child’s performance. All results vary depending on your child’s age, strengths and weaknesses, emotional well-being, cooperation and effort, and your attitude about the programs, quality of delivery, communication, motivational skills, and patience.

After approximately ten 45-60-minute sessions:

    • Slightly better attention span and focus
    • Some improvement in coordination and motor skills
    • Some improvement in sitting still and being more calm
    • More self-confidence
    • More determined to succeed
    • Better cooperation
    • Slight improvement in listening comprehension and following instructions

After approximately twenty 45-60-minute sessions:

    • More improvements in the above-mentioned changes
    • More desire and effort
    • Does not give up as easily, a no-quit attitude
    • More attention to details
    • Less careless errors
    • Less forgetfulness
    • Getting schoolwork and tasks done faster with more accurately
    • Less frustration with schoolwork and tasks that require deep concentration
    • Improved communication with parents, teachers, and peers

After approximately thirty 45-60-minute sessions:

    • More improvements in the above-mentioned changes
    • More attention to details
    • Does not make the same mistakes as often
    • Better at recalling information for tests
    • Improved behavior and study habits
    • Better follow through with assignments, projects, or tasks
    • Improved reading comprehension
    • Can handle complex tasks with more ease
    • Improved performance and grades in all academic subjects
    • Working much closer to true potential
    • Better overall attitude about school, learning and life

The improvements will continue over time as the child or teen continues to use and strengthen their new stronger foundational processing system. Learning ability and thinking systems, which rely on their processing systems, will also continue to improve over time as they gain knowledge at a faster pace. The more knowledge they acquire, the more effectively and efficiently they can acquire new knowledge and skills.