Construct of Optimal Intellect

Construct of Optimal Intellect

Construct of Optimal Intellect ©
Copyright 2015 by Dr. Don Helms

I define “Optimal Intellect” as a type of mental functioning that will optimize an individual’s ability to experience a variety of personal successes, build quality relationships and contribute more to society.

These optimal life outcomes will lead to a more balanced, meaningful and fulfilling life, which I believe are prerequisites for happiness.

This type of mental functioning requires an individual to function at their highest level emotionally, logically, creatively, socially, responsibly, ethically and strategically.

Traditional IQ tests only assess a portion of the components necessary for “Optimal Intellect”. This is why there is a relatively small relationship between an individual’s IQ score and their success, happiness and value to society.

I created the “Construct of Optimal Intellect” to use as a basis for creating programs that will enable individuals to develop a higher level of “Optimal Intellect”. The construct contains the components that I believe form the foundation for “Optimal Intellect”. I sometimes refer to this foundation as the “Ultimate Software of the Brain”.

The programs that are being created to develop a higher level of “Optimal Intellect” are being designed for students in sixth grade and up. Brief descriptions of the future programs are located in the Programs Overview section of the website.

Following are brief explanations of the 31 components that form the foundation for the “Construct of Optimal Intellect”.

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“I believe the only way an individual can even come close to actualizing their true potential and live a life that is as successful, as fulfilling, and as meaningful as possible is to develop their highest level of “Optimal Intellect”. In order to accomplish this they must strengthen all the components in this construct.

Can you imagine how well a society would function if everyone or even a good percentage of its citizens would go on a journey to develop a higher level of “Optimal Intellect”? There would be less crime and corruption, more highly educated people, less unemployment and welfare, better parenting, markets would thrive, incomes would rise and health care expenditures would drop. Society would function in a more synergistic fashion with an overall better sense of well-being, because every aspect of society affects each and every other aspect of society and each and every one of us individually.”

Dr. Don Helms