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22 Things that Can Cause Poor Concentration and Attention Skills in Children

The Importance of Organization and Routines for Children

Organization and routines help all individuals function better in every area of life, especially children who demonstrate many of the following characteristics: • difficulty with attention and concentration when not on a flat screen • sloppy and disorganized • makes a lot of careless errors • lacks attention to details • forgetful • often fails […]

What is ADHD and is it a Real Disorder?

Diet, Environment & Lifestyle will have a Major Impact on Your Child’s Performance in Life

Homeschooling, a Worthy Sacrifice

The Most Important Skill a Child Must Acquire at School

Reading is the most important skill that a child must acquire at school because one must learn to read to be able to read to learn. A child who is a poor reader will usually also be a poor academic learner. Unfortunately, millions of children battle to learn to read, and many never succeed. What […]

Is your Child Developmentally Ready?

Emotional Processing Systems

Information Processing System of the Brain

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