A Healthy Way to Improve Your Child’s Attention & Learning Skills

A Healthy Way to Improve Your Child’s Attention & Learning Skills

A Healthy Way to Improve Your Child’s Attention & Learning Skills

Does your Child have a Difficult time Paying Attention & Concentrating especially when they are not on a Screen? If the answer is yes, you are not alone! In today’s society many children have a difficult time focusing on real life 3 – dimensional tasks. Tasks like focusing on a teacher talking in front of the class. Focusing on what you are saying when you are giving them instructions. Have you asked yourself, “Why can they focus on a video game or movie for hours and can’t focus on me or their teacher when we are talking to them”? The answer is there are different types of Attention Skills and some are more complex and difficult than others. Some children must work very hard to develop the more complex attention skills. Yes, I said develop. Complex attention skills and learning skills can be developed significantly with the right approach.

Step 1 in our approach is to strengthen what we call the Foundational Processing Systems. These are the information processing systems of the brain that attention, concentration, learning and everyday life performance rely most upon.

Step 2 is to eliminate all the foods and ingredients that studies have shown to have a negative effect on attention, concentration, learning and behavior.

Step 3 in our approach is to bring a lot of structure and routines into your environment. All individual’s function better with structure and routines, especially children with attention difficulties.

If you would like to learn more about attention skills, nutrition, structure and routines please see Dr. Helms’ Blogs:

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