Our programs are available through an Occupational Therapist who is a BRAIN LAUNCH authorized provider. Presently we have three comprehensive developmental programs available that are designed for children ages 5 – 12. Your Occupational Therapist would decide which program your child should start with and who would be a good candidate for the programs. If you would like your child or someone in the family to do the program and there are no providers in your area, contact us at info@brainlaunch.com and we will reach out to Occupational Therapists in your area.

Our programs are based on proven developmental concepts. The exercises strengthen what we call the “Foundational Processing Systems”. These are the information processing systems that form the foundation for physical coordination and self-regulation, attention and concentration, listening and reading comprehension, learning and everyday life performance.

What makes the Brain Launch programs unique? 

Our programs are the only developmental programs that accomplish ALL of the following:

      • Programs are delivered under the expertise and supervision of an Occupational Therapist.
      • Develop the Foundational Processing Systems from the ground up (lower level basic processing systems to higher level, more complex processing systems).
      • Exercises develop the Foundational Processing Systems in a face-to-face, one-on-one manner, not on a screen.

The BRAIN LAUNCH Processing Programs take a major commitment from parents and the student, but it may be the most important commitment and gift you ever give your child. A gift that will help assure your child gets off to their best start in school and will benefit them the rest of their life.

The programs are not just for children who are struggling in school.
Strengthening the foundational processing systems will improve a child’s performance in all areas of life,
even if they are advanced for their age.


Welcome to Brain Launch!


Hi there!
My name is Dr. Don Helms and I am so excited to welcome you to my first blog and the BRAIN LAUNCH community. I know most of you, especially parents of young children and teens will find my information interesting and valuable.

The main purpose of my blog is to provide information that if understood and implemented will help address a one of our society’s biggest problems.

  • The problem is that over the last two decades the number of children experiencing attention and learning difficulties has escalated significantly. These difficulties have led to more and more students underachieving academically and having negative labels placed upon them.

Let me tell you a little about myself and my journey towards helping solve these destructive problems.